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 Aftercare Advice     Treat your nails as jewels NOT tools !!!!  1) Use a nail oil every night on your nails to keep them durable and shiny.  2) To keep nails shiny, remove top coat with Bio-sculpture        nail polish remover and apply Bio high gloss top coat between salon appointments.  3) When gardening wear gloves to provent dirt getting underneath       the nails, and also to prevent scratches on the surface of the gel.  4) Use a spoon to open tins and can ring pulls etc. 5) When opening car doors, do not stick your fingertip under the handle and pull up.       Instead use the side of the fore finger.  6) Always use gloves when cleaning as oil based products       and strong detergents can cause gel to lift.  7) When swimming wash hands to remove chlorine as it is a strong chemical       and could also cause gel to lift'  8) After application of sun tan lotion wash hands to prevent lgel lifting or staining.  9) Discuss a maintenence programme with your nail technician,       this will usually be every two-three weeks depending on your nail growth.        Backscratchers Nail Extentions advice and aftercare 1) Treat your nails as carefully as they have been applied.      Try not to use them as tools- use your finger pads instead.       Take care when opening cans, drawers and car doors.  2) Oil your nails at least twice a day with Nail Radience Oil to keep them hydrated       and prevent lifting of your artificial enhancements.  3) Always wear gloves when cleaning and gardening. Many cleaning solutions contain       chemical solvents that may break dowm the surface of the overlay, causing cracking or lifting.  4) Discuss your maintenence programme with your nail technician- your nails will       require essential re-balancing approximatley every two-three weeks.
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