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Caci Body Treatments Slimtone  Mode Uses up to 24 body pads (used in slimming, toning and cellulite treatments).  Slimming Treatment Works on reducing an area of fatty tissue by breaking it down. Single treatment   (30min)   £15  Toning Treatment Tightens and tones muscles. Single Treatment   (30min)   £15  Cellulite Treatment Works deep into muscles and tissue to break down cellulite. Single Treatment   (45min)   £18  Contour Mode Helps to rebuild and strengthen muscles that are loose and hard to tone.   (30min)   £15  Bust lift Lifts and re-tones the breasts of any size. Includes firming neck & bust cream. Single Treatment   (1hr)   £25  Buttock Lift Lifts and re-shapes the buttocks. Also great for the jodhpur thigh area. Single Treatment   (45min)   £25  Stomach Strengthening Good for tightening and rebuilding loose muscles eg. after pregnancy. Single Treatment   (30min)   £15  Lymphatic Drainage Boosts the bodies natural process which eliminates and reduces fluid retention. Full body/Half body   (45min)   £20  Puffiness Around Eyes/Sinus Drainage   (30min)   £15   Back Sciatica   (30min)   £15
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